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Mar 13, 2017
Sabrina Fendrick, Berkeley Patients Group & Andy Bachman, Leafline
Sabrina Fendrick returns and shares what’s happening as California establishes it’s regulatory framework. It’s all happening at once with local municipalities outlining what they’re doing along with the state legislature getting to work. Sabrina also provides a bit of background on her history sharing that her parents were both diplomats meaning that her childhood was nomadic to say the least.
Andy Bachman then joins us to give us a history lesson on Minnesota cannabis. He shares that the limited qualifying condition list has grown and will soon include PTSD. Andy shares how a guy from a farming family found his way into emergency room medicine and how that provided a perfect background for a career in cannabis.
Mar 9, 2017
Alex Rogers joins us and takes us through his history. He found himself in a prison in Germany which helped put him on the straight but not so narrow. Alex shares his philosophy’s on business and life. While he does wear beige pants, he's interested in finding a way to ensure that the cannabis industry adds more people of color.
Henry Rollins then joins us and shares immediately and directly that he’s currently not a cannabis consumer but he’s an advocate for cannabis due to the fact that those against cannabis are coming from bigotry and prejudice…and when the day comes that he needs it- he wants it to be available. Henry debunks the myth that cannabis is a gateway drug but promotes his theory that illiteracy is a gateway drug to future stupidity.
Mar 6, 2017
Nancy Whiteman, Wana Brands & Amy Andrle, L’Eagle
Amy Anderley joins us and takes us through how growing up with an activist mother has led to her being an activist herself…and bringing along her daughter for the ride. Amy and her husband operate one and only one dispensary in Colorado and she shares exactly  how and why that’s the case. Amy draws a distinction between organic cannabis and clean cannabis and takes us through how and why that’s the case. Nancy Whiteman then joins us who happens to be a voracious reader. She explains that when she jumped in she didn’t realize the power of the plant but quickly learned how much cannabis revolutionizes peoples relationship with medicine. Go back to Episode 185 to get more of the backstory.
Mar 2, 2017
Bob Hoban joins us to discuss his take on what the DEA thinks about the definition of CBD. He takes us through the fact that the word marijuana is found in federal law but cannabis isn’t. He shares the fact that cannabis, legally isn’t a controlled substance, but marijuana is.  And hemp definitively is not. Long story short if your CBD is derived from industrial hemp you’re fine. Alec from Duby then joins us and discusses his true pivot from what was to be a trending app to what became a gamified social app. Alec literally speaks for his generation as we get into a dialogue about what it means to be a millennial. We discuss, among other things, the concept of institutions from a millennial’s perspective and what it means to meet someone.
Feb 27, 2017
Chris Walsh, MJ Business Daily & Tripp Keber, Dixie Brands
Chris Walsh joins us and shares that he wasn’t always a cannabis guy…his friends poking fun of him when he first joined MJ Business Daily but in describing the changes to Denver, Colorado and society in general Chris has now hired some of those very same friends. A native Coloradan, he now works blocks from where he grew up…he’s surprised but proud that cannabis has it’s home in Denver. And finally Chris goes on to share his philosophy on reporting in this day and age. Tripp Keber then returns and gives us an update on how things have changed for Dixie Brands and cannabis in Colorado. He takes us through internal and external expansion.
Feb 25, 2017
Debby Goldsberry joins us to discuss raid preparedness in the wake of the press secretary saying the administration sees adult-use cannabis as different than medical. In his comments, he referenced adult-use cannabis in relation to the opioid crisis- which it has absolutely nothing to do with…and if anything is a potential solution. The ignorance is stunning. 
The 10th amendment reads: The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively or to the people. 
The 10th amendment has been referenced for the past 50 years in relation to personal and corporate liberty. Where’s the consistency in the philosophy as it relates to state cannabis laws?The hypocrisy is mind blowing.
Feb 23, 2017
Will Head and Stanton Barrett, Ojai & Jamie Perino, Euflora Part II
Will and Stanton from Ojai join us to take us through the journey from a basic understanding of hemp to delivering a CBD product. Will studied permaculture design in Australia as well as sustainable community development and holistic health. His parter Stanton has a distinctly different background which included growing up with old hollywood and olympic athletics as well as racing cars himself.
Jamie Perino then returns and describes cannabis as a marathon at a sprinters pace. She discusses the lower prices of cannabis in Colorado and the myriad changes in the state going into the fourth year of adult-use cannabis. Finally Jamie shares if getting in, cut estimates of what you’ll make in half...and triple what it’s going to cost you.
Feb 20, 2017
Art Way, DPA & Mason Tvert, MPP
Mason Tvert returns to give us an update from MPP. He shares that if you look at cannabis in a vacuum, things are as good as they’ve ever been.  Mason notes that Arizona losing with 49.7 percent in the most hostile media environment that he’s seen in his 12 years of fighting for cannabis reform with a tremendous amount of opposition money is actually promising. 
Art Way then joins us and takes us through his personal history which turned out to be a perfect background for a career in advocacy. He shares his philosophy of harm reduction and meeting people where they are to get them to where they need to be. Finally Art shares that you can’t communicate with someone unless you fully understand from where they’re coming.
Feb 16, 2017
Kris Krane is back  to give us an update on Massachusetts. He shares that the current six month delay is not  a return to what happened  to the medical program- which is still in a state of recovery- from a few years back. This delay is for the state to get their ducks in a row and Kris’ point of view is that it’s essentially above board. Kris is also kind enough to get in the way back machine and share what happened with the medical program in the first place.
Becky DeKeuster then joins us and shares her experience of going from being a midwest catholic high school teacher to joining the Berkeley Patient’s Group and helping    build it into a cannabis industry institution. She then went across the country to help build a cannabis economy in ME. Without Becky we wouldn’t be where we are in general.
Feb 13, 2017

Mike Ray, Bloom Farms & Dr. Michele Ross, IMPACT Network

Dr. Michele Ross returns to share where she is with the Impact Network. As she gets funding squared away, her first study is on how cannabis can help anxiety. Based on the federal regulatory research minefield, Dr. Ross is focused on the state of Colorado for the time being where she can utilize state legal, consistently tested product with a group of willing subjects and publish results in accredited scientific journals.
Mike Ray then joins us to discuss the decades old cannabis economy of Northern California. Mike twice spent time in NYC in finance first around 9/11 and then around the economic downturn of 2008. He then returned to his roots and became a cultivator. He shares lessons learned from the cultivators in the Emerald Triangle from the 70’s, 80’s through to today.
Feb 9, 2017

Anita Morgan, Representative Pamela Anderson & Ray Morgan

Anita Morgan first joins us to share her thoughts on the North Dakota win. She explains that North Dakotans quickly caught on to the Compassionate Care initiative based on sharing personal stories on Facebook leading up to election day. The initiative was launched based on her husband Ray’s medical issues and supported by State Representative Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson then joins us and explains that she shared with the legislature that if they didn’t act the voters would and saw Anita and Ray run with the initiative.
Ray Morgan who really started this whole thing then joins us and takes through how cannabis as medicine is his issue and where we are with North Dakota cannabis as we make our way into 2017.
Feb 6, 2017

Kristi Knoblich, Kiva Confections & Dennis Depaolo, Curio Wellness

Cultivator turned multiple license holder Dennis Depaolo joins us and takes us through the fact that there is high quality cannabis being produced on the east coast. He shares that he went to school to study plant science to prepare himself for a career in cannabis. He discusses his early days as a cultivator in ME and his path to licenses in Maryland, Massachusetts…and hopefully Pennsylvania. Kristi Knoblich then joins us from Kiva to share her journey which began way back, when there really wasn’t edible product on the shelves in northern California. Testing from day one, Kristi takes us through the changes made regarding information shared on packaging, product assortment and the true connection she feels that must be made between consumer or patient and plant.
Feb 2, 2017

Florida Cannabis: John Morgan, Yes On 2 & Ben Pollara, United For Care

John Morgan joins us and discusses Florida cannabis. He takes us through how 58%, a loss in Florida two years ago, was turned into 71% this year. He shares philosophies that most winning ballot measures share but firmly adds that the American public may just be getting real tired of what opioids are doing to the populace…and that cannabis is a welcome alternative. John also shares that he came to cannabis as medicine through the experiences of his father and brother.
Ben Pollara then joins us as he’s the guy that drafted John. The interview takes place at a coffee shop on the shoulder of US1 where Ben shares how in fact he drafted John, what’s in the measure that passed as well as what to expect next from Florida cannabis.
Jan 30, 2017
MCBA Spotlight: Dasheeda Dawson, The Weedhead & Jesce Horton, MCBA
Jesce Horton joins us again to discuss the MCBA outlook for 2017. Jesce shares that he’s looking forward to the release of a study with UC Berkeley which will showcase the level of involvement of communities of color in the cannabis industry. The ultimate goal as Jesce tells us is to utilize the prosperity of the industry to have a strong and lasting impact on communities of color as a whole. Dasheeda Dawson then joins us and takes us through her dynamic personal and professional journey. Dasheeda has a life philosophy that she coined in sport- crossover and keep it moving. She’s brought that to the Fortune 500 and she’s bringing it to cannabis.
Jan 26, 2017
New York State Senator Liz Krueger & Aaron Smith, NCIA
New York State Senator Liz Krueger joins us to share her thoughts on the fact that we the people have a civic duty that extends beyond simply voting. Senator Krueger shares how very seriously she takes constituents that make their voices heard to her. She plainly states that if you are in her district and can vote for her…or worse, against her- she will listen to your point of view. Senator Krueger then shares exactly what’s in her adult-use bill for New York State and where we stand on the timeline of getting it passed. But first Aaron Smith returns to share the fact that priorities did indeed need to change based on the incoming administration. Whereas initially there was hope to move the ball forward, the plan now is to not cede any ground in the effort to legalize cannabis. 
Jan 23, 2017

Ari Hoffnung, Vireo & Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD

Ari returns (Episode 187) to provide an update on Vireo and New York Cannabis in general. He shares a few ideas which might help the patient count increase and improve the program in general. New York is in an interesting place right now as the cannabis opportunity remains huge, but the shackles on the program remain very heavy. Politics aside, Ari is bullish on cannabis under the new administration and sites business and taxation as reasons for feeling that way. But first Pamela Hatfield first joins us and takes us through her journey as a patient which led her to what she feels is an unlikely career in the cannabis industry. 
Jan 19, 2017

Melissa Fults, Issue 7 & David Couch, Issue 6

We dive into how medical came to pass in the state. Melissa Fults first joins us to discuss her focus on protecting medical marijuana patients in Arkansas. She explains that in 2012, the initiative narrowly missed passing. For 2016, Arkansans for Compassionate Care   got 117K signatures and Issue 7 onto the ballot. Melissa takes us through her introduction to David Couch. As his Issue 6 passed this year, she’s interested in helping it be as strong as it can be. David Couch then joins us to take us through Issue 6. He begins by sharing that Melissa helped educate him on medical cannabis and goes on to explain the reasoning behind his difference in thinking in launching Issue 6 as a constitutional amendment and his desire to work with Issue 7 folks moving forward
Jan 16, 2017

Meg Sanders, MiNDFUL & Lilach Power, Giving Tree

Lilac Power joins us as Part II to Episode 187 and gets over her disappointment for the adult use loss in Arizona and focuses in on the fact that her business was growing before the vote and it continues to grow because the medical program in AZ is healthy. Roughly a decade into medical legalization and four years into adult-use, Lilac shares how financing works in the cannabis industry. And finally she shares that branding is the number 1 thing she’s worried about in 2017. Meg Sanders then joins us and discusses how she has approached, does and will approach brand. Who you are informs what you do, so we dive in on Meg’s history in CO before 1284, before adult use to the present.
Jan 12, 2017

Jordan Person, Primal Therapeutics & Bob Eschino, Medically Correct

Jordan Person joins us to discuss how cannabis saved her life. She takes us through her remarkable medical journey and how she refocused her life to healing others with cannabis. Finally, Jordan shares that she didn’t think she’d live to today and that every day is a gift.
Bob Eschino then returns to give us an on the ground update from Colorado. Hiring is happening, tax revenue is skyrocketing and regulations are tightening and to that end, Bob takes us through the latest on potency and consumption. Bob then discusses his libertarian point of view and his issues with both corporate media and social media…and closes with some advice for those on their way in to the industry.
Jan 9, 2017

Steve DeAngelo, Harborside & Amy O'Gorman Jenkins, Legislative Advocate

Steve DeAngelo returns to hammer home the fact that there is one issue and one issue alone on which the American people agree- cannabis reform and to that a true master class on activism, Steve shares how exactly to express your concerns on cannabis reform to your local elected officials….and loved ones for that matter. Steve also takes some time to share some history which we very much appreciate. But Amy first shares that as a lobbyist, you don’t need to be a posterior. She shares her background in the state legislature of California as well as the league of California cities where she experienced that a lot of work does in fact get done at the local and state level...but that most people don’t understand that introducing or changing policy is all very incremental.
Jan 5, 2017
Troy Dayton, ArcView & Ryan Hurley, Rose Law Group
Ryan Hurley joins us and discusses the renewed focus on the medical market in AZ in the wake of adult-use not passing this past election day. Ryan shares that he came to the industry as a patient, which turned him into an activist, as it’s wont to do.
Speaking of activists, Troy Dayton then joins us beginning the conversation on Arizona. His bottom line is that if we were not outspent in Arizona we would have won. He then points though to the eight wins featuring cannabis businesses stepping up to get behind each of the winning initiatives. Troy goes on to discuss focusing on harmony as opposed to discord in dialogue.
Jan 2, 2017

Greta Carter, G Car Companies & George Jage, MJBiz Con

Greta Carter joins us and takes us through her storied career in big banking. She discusses the fact that the historic economic downturn provided her with an opportunity to reinvent herself, which led her to an entirely new industry. She became an activist in the space help protect patients but she needed to find a way to pay the bills, so she used her republican background to marry commerce with cannabis….and finally Greta shares her philosophy, "If you’re not part of the game you can’t change it." But first, George Jage joins us from the Marijuana business conference and expo. Joseph Aboud is the guy with the suits, and George, it turns out is the guy with the trade shows. He shares with us where we are as far as cannabis in relation to comparative industries and trade shows.

Dec 29, 2016
Tim Smits joins us and at the top admits to being a suit. Furthermore, Tim shares that none of his friends would believe that he would be in the cannabis industry based on the way that he was raised. He takes us back to initially doing menial work for his fathers business getting paid less and doing more. He essentially gives a mini-masters class on business administration. Tim goes on to share how his upbringing as an entrepreneur perfectly shaped him for his career in cannabis where everything costs more and takes longer than you think. But Adam Bierman first joins us and readily admits he’s also a suit. He takes us through his philosophy and how and why he’s ok with the fact that he’s considered an industry contrarian.
Dec 26, 2016
MCBA Spotlight: Amanda Reiman, DPA & Kyla Hill, Hemp Butter
It’s Amanda Reiman time once again and with the win, Amanda joins us to discuss what we the people can do to participate in the language of how Prop 64 gets written into law. Amanda shares that localities will be dictating where state licenses can be had. One thought is for folks to discuss with local elected officials that no cannabis in a locality means no cannabis tax revenue in that locality. We then discuss that individuals have the opportunity to go to town halls and public hearings to meet and greet public officials and to give direct feedback. So essentially, act now or forever cede your peace. Kyla Hill then joins us and gives us her unique perspective on people, product and inner-peace. 
Dec 22, 2016
Tim Cullen joins us and takes us through the very early days in Colorado leading up to today. He candidly discusses the banking and taxation issues that persist for cannabis producers, processors and retailers. But David Brown of Lift first joins us to discuss the Task Force recommendations to the Canadian government for a federally regulated adult use cannabis economy. The recommendations soundly showcased that it’s a question of how not if. The Task Force recommends home grow, retail, consumption, limiting prosecutions and allowing for true and unencumbered capitalism with craft cannabis companies producing along side large scale players.
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