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Cannabis Economy (by Audio Archives) chronicles personal conversations with business leaders on Ingenuity, Inspiration...and Cannabis. Our first goal is to provide an oral history of legal cannabis in real-time. Who you are informs what you do. Business is personal. Follow us on Twitter @CannEconomy
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Feb 6, 2017

Kristi Knoblich, Kiva Confections & Dennis Depaolo, Curio Wellness

Cultivator turned multiple license holder Dennis Depaolo joins us and takes us through the fact that there is high quality cannabis being produced on the east coast. He shares that he went to school to study plant science to prepare himself for a career in cannabis. He discusses his early days as a cultivator in ME and his path to licenses in Maryland, Massachusetts…and hopefully Pennsylvania. Kristi Knoblich then joins us from Kiva to share her journey which began way back, when there really wasn’t edible product on the shelves in northern California. Testing from day one, Kristi takes us through the changes made regarding information shared on packaging, product assortment and the true connection she feels that must be made between consumer or patient and plant.
Feb 2, 2017

Florida Cannabis: John Morgan, Yes On 2 & Ben Pollara, United For Care

John Morgan joins us and discusses Florida cannabis. He takes us through how 58%, a loss in Florida two years ago, was turned into 71% this year. He shares philosophies that most winning ballot measures share but firmly adds that the American public may just be getting real tired of what opioids are doing to the populace…and that cannabis is a welcome alternative. John also shares that he came to cannabis as medicine through the experiences of his father and brother.
Ben Pollara then joins us as he’s the guy that drafted John. The interview takes place at a coffee shop on the shoulder of US1 where Ben shares how in fact he drafted John, what’s in the measure that passed as well as what to expect next from Florida cannabis.
Jan 30, 2017
MCBA Spotlight: Dasheeda Dawson, The Weedhead & Jesce Horton, MCBA
Jesce Horton joins us again to discuss the MCBA outlook for 2017. Jesce shares that he’s looking forward to the release of a study with UC Berkeley which will showcase the level of involvement of communities of color in the cannabis industry. The ultimate goal as Jesce tells us is to utilize the prosperity of the industry to have a strong and lasting impact on communities of color as a whole. Dasheeda Dawson then joins us and takes us through her dynamic personal and professional journey. Dasheeda has a life philosophy that she coined in sport- crossover and keep it moving. She’s brought that to the Fortune 500 and she’s bringing it to cannabis.
Jan 26, 2017
New York State Senator Liz Krueger & Aaron Smith, NCIA
New York State Senator Liz Krueger joins us to share her thoughts on the fact that we the people have a civic duty that extends beyond simply voting. Senator Krueger shares how very seriously she takes constituents that make their voices heard to her. She plainly states that if you are in her district and can vote for her…or worse, against her- she will listen to your point of view. Senator Krueger then shares exactly what’s in her adult-use bill for New York State and where we stand on the timeline of getting it passed. But first Aaron Smith returns to share the fact that priorities did indeed need to change based on the incoming administration. Whereas initially there was hope to move the ball forward, the plan now is to not cede any ground in the effort to legalize cannabis. 
Jan 23, 2017

Ari Hoffnung, Vireo & Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD

Ari returns (Episode 187) to provide an update on Vireo and New York Cannabis in general. He shares a few ideas which might help the patient count increase and improve the program in general. New York is in an interesting place right now as the cannabis opportunity remains huge, but the shackles on the program remain very heavy. Politics aside, Ari is bullish on cannabis under the new administration and sites business and taxation as reasons for feeling that way. But first Pamela Hatfield first joins us and takes us through her journey as a patient which led her to what she feels is an unlikely career in the cannabis industry. 
Jan 19, 2017

Melissa Fults, Issue 7 & David Couch, Issue 6

We dive into how medical came to pass in the state. Melissa Fults first joins us to discuss her focus on protecting medical marijuana patients in Arkansas. She explains that in 2012, the initiative narrowly missed passing. For 2016, Arkansans for Compassionate Care   got 117K signatures and Issue 7 onto the ballot. Melissa takes us through her introduction to David Couch. As his Issue 6 passed this year, she’s interested in helping it be as strong as it can be. David Couch then joins us to take us through Issue 6. He begins by sharing that Melissa helped educate him on medical cannabis and goes on to explain the reasoning behind his difference in thinking in launching Issue 6 as a constitutional amendment and his desire to work with Issue 7 folks moving forward
Jan 16, 2017

Meg Sanders, MiNDFUL & Lilach Power, Giving Tree

Lilac Power joins us as Part II to Episode 187 and gets over her disappointment for the adult use loss in Arizona and focuses in on the fact that her business was growing before the vote and it continues to grow because the medical program in AZ is healthy. Roughly a decade into medical legalization and four years into adult-use, Lilac shares how financing works in the cannabis industry. And finally she shares that branding is the number 1 thing she’s worried about in 2017. Meg Sanders then joins us and discusses how she has approached, does and will approach brand. Who you are informs what you do, so we dive in on Meg’s history in CO before 1284, before adult use to the present.
Jan 12, 2017

Jordan Person, Primal Therapeutics & Bob Eschino, Medically Correct

Jordan Person joins us to discuss how cannabis saved her life. She takes us through her remarkable medical journey and how she refocused her life to healing others with cannabis. Finally, Jordan shares that she didn’t think she’d live to today and that every day is a gift.
Bob Eschino then returns to give us an on the ground update from Colorado. Hiring is happening, tax revenue is skyrocketing and regulations are tightening and to that end, Bob takes us through the latest on potency and consumption. Bob then discusses his libertarian point of view and his issues with both corporate media and social media…and closes with some advice for those on their way in to the industry.
Jan 9, 2017

Steve DeAngelo, Harborside & Amy O'Gorman Jenkins, Legislative Advocate

Steve DeAngelo returns to hammer home the fact that there is one issue and one issue alone on which the American people agree- cannabis reform and to that a true master class on activism, Steve shares how exactly to express your concerns on cannabis reform to your local elected officials….and loved ones for that matter. Steve also takes some time to share some history which we very much appreciate. But Amy first shares that as a lobbyist, you don’t need to be a posterior. She shares her background in the state legislature of California as well as the league of California cities where she experienced that a lot of work does in fact get done at the local and state level...but that most people don’t understand that introducing or changing policy is all very incremental.
Jan 5, 2017
Troy Dayton, ArcView & Ryan Hurley, Rose Law Group
Ryan Hurley joins us and discusses the renewed focus on the medical market in AZ in the wake of adult-use not passing this past election day. Ryan shares that he came to the industry as a patient, which turned him into an activist, as it’s wont to do.
Speaking of activists, Troy Dayton then joins us beginning the conversation on Arizona. His bottom line is that if we were not outspent in Arizona we would have won. He then points though to the eight wins featuring cannabis businesses stepping up to get behind each of the winning initiatives. Troy goes on to discuss focusing on harmony as opposed to discord in dialogue.
Jan 2, 2017

Greta Carter, G Car Companies & George Jage, MJBiz Con

Greta Carter joins us and takes us through her storied career in big banking. She discusses the fact that the historic economic downturn provided her with an opportunity to reinvent herself, which led her to an entirely new industry. She became an activist in the space help protect patients but she needed to find a way to pay the bills, so she used her republican background to marry commerce with cannabis….and finally Greta shares her philosophy, "If you’re not part of the game you can’t change it." But first, George Jage joins us from the Marijuana business conference and expo. Joseph Aboud is the guy with the suits, and George, it turns out is the guy with the trade shows. He shares with us where we are as far as cannabis in relation to comparative industries and trade shows.

Dec 29, 2016
Tim Smits joins us and at the top admits to being a suit. Furthermore, Tim shares that none of his friends would believe that he would be in the cannabis industry based on the way that he was raised. He takes us back to initially doing menial work for his fathers business getting paid less and doing more. He essentially gives a mini-masters class on business administration. Tim goes on to share how his upbringing as an entrepreneur perfectly shaped him for his career in cannabis where everything costs more and takes longer than you think. But Adam Bierman first joins us and readily admits he’s also a suit. He takes us through his philosophy and how and why he’s ok with the fact that he’s considered an industry contrarian.
Dec 26, 2016
MCBA Spotlight: Amanda Reiman, DPA & Kyla Hill, Hemp Butter
It’s Amanda Reiman time once again and with the win, Amanda joins us to discuss what we the people can do to participate in the language of how Prop 64 gets written into law. Amanda shares that localities will be dictating where state licenses can be had. One thought is for folks to discuss with local elected officials that no cannabis in a locality means no cannabis tax revenue in that locality. We then discuss that individuals have the opportunity to go to town halls and public hearings to meet and greet public officials and to give direct feedback. So essentially, act now or forever cede your peace. Kyla Hill then joins us and gives us her unique perspective on people, product and inner-peace. 
Dec 22, 2016
Tim Cullen joins us and takes us through the very early days in Colorado leading up to today. He candidly discusses the banking and taxation issues that persist for cannabis producers, processors and retailers. But David Brown of Lift first joins us to discuss the Task Force recommendations to the Canadian government for a federally regulated adult use cannabis economy. The recommendations soundly showcased that it’s a question of how not if. The Task Force recommends home grow, retail, consumption, limiting prosecutions and allowing for true and unencumbered capitalism with craft cannabis companies producing along side large scale players.
Dec 19, 2016
Nate Bradley joins us for a conversation on all things CCIA and by extension, Prop 64. He discusses founding the Association and it’s nascent days. Nate takes us through the fact that just a year prior to it’s passage, the CCIA board voted to endorse Prop 64 and how for the ensuing twelve months, Nate didn’t stop working to get Prop 64 passed. We also dive into Nate’s history in law enforcement and how as a former member of those who protect and serve, he has a unique vantage point on potential solutions for community peacekeeping. But Steph Sherer first joins us to discuss ASA’s petition filed with the DOJ demanding that the DEA correct misinformation about cannabis. 
Dec 15, 2016
what’s happening on the ground in MI. He explains that the law is changing and in the long-term that will be a good thing. He and his colleagues are suffering through what should be short-term raids in the time being. As you’ll hear though, the timeline is certainly up for interpretation.
Dr. David Schubert then joins us to discuss his work with cannabis and Alzheimer’s and what led him to a molecular biology approach to how the brain works and his overall work in neuroscience. Dave dealt with the initial misconception that the brain could be easily understood and he explains that for the most part, we still don’t understand it. That said, David does have some answers…which he shares. Prof Schubert also sheds light on the way that way that drug discovery works…or doesn’t.
Dec 12, 2016
Keith Stroup returns to share his thoughts on cannabis legalization in the wake of the election. We get Keith’s take on the state of affairs in each of the state that held votes in November. We dive in on Arkansas specifically and spend some time discussing that conservative southern state and what that means for the southern states which surround it. We talk about what happened to Montana’s old law before this new vote. And Keith shares that North Dakota shared him more than any other state. Based on his 40+ years of activism, he takes us through why he’ essentially bullish on the new administration not getting in the way of the cannabis movement and industry. But Betty Aldworth first joins us with an update from SSDP.
Dec 8, 2016
We begin in the classroom at the Museum of Natural History with molecular biologist Dr. Robert DeSalle discussing biogeography. This serves as an appetizer for our sit down in the professors office when we discuss how all of that affects cannabis.
In the office, we discuss his work on both fruit flies and caviar to discover the scope of work that remains on cannabis. Both in class and in office, we discuss Krakatoa to better understand how the 1883 eruption can inform the cannabis plant and industry.
A note- Robert has an active office, so doors do open and close. Episode 199 with Mowgli Holmes is cited often and works a great companion episode to this one. 
Dec 5, 2016
Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom discusses the vote and ensuing adult use program in the state. We review the now fully functional medical program including the concept of reciprocation and how that key principal might affect the global cannabis market. Tick also shares his thoughts the recent history of populism.
New York State Senator Diane Savino then joins us to provide a history of legal cannabis in New York. She shares how the medical program came to be, where we are now and where we’re going with the prospective changes to the program. She also shares how she and some of her colleagues have changed the way legislation happens in New York.
Dec 1, 2016
Ethan returns to discuss what the incoming Presidential administration can do regarding Drug Policy. And we also cover what you can do in the face of that prospective action from the incoming administration. We go on to cover his thoughts on the prospective AG, what action DPA has in store as well as what action you can take.  We finish with some advice, where rather than focus on opinion or analysis, Ethan suggests that you "know what you’re talking about." We kick off the show with a flashback to Episode 67 to give you a sense of some background on the person behind the policy.
Nov 28, 2016

Recorded on the Friday after election day, John Hudak returns for a far reaching conversation on policy and cannabis history. He first honestly and thoughtfully discusses polling and prognostication from this cycle showcasing all that was involved in the election outcome. We then dive into governance. We discover the concept of American civic duty going beyond simply voting. We realize the fact that the ultimate accountability of our elected officials rests in the hands of we the people. We run through the Nov. 8th cannabis wins and the meaning of those wins. And we finish by discussing Marijuana: A Short History, John’s book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Brookings Press Website.

Nov 24, 2016
Congresswoman Barbara Lee joins us to discuss her thoughts on Prop 64 passing as well as and more importantly what folks can do now to affect the change which they seek on the proposition as it gets written into law. We broaden the conversation to cover how she deals with phone calls and action from her constituents. And finally we cover representative lee’s thoughts on the recent overt uncovering of racial communication as well as the subtle institutional and structural racism which has always been present. Corey Barnette then joins us to paint a clearer picture of the DC legal cannabis market. Did you know for instance that there were no restrictions on qualifying conditions in DC?
Nov 21, 2016
Is you’re favorite strain actually you’re favorite strain? Mowgli Holmes is on a quest to find out. If you ask him if he’s mapping the cannabis genome, he’ll say yes- but it’s much more than that, he’s mapping thousands of genomes and trying to understand how they’re related to each other. Mowgli's interested in realizing not only what the plant does to the people but what people have done to the plant. But first, per his forearm tattoo, cannabis warrior Etienne Fontan is fresh of a win in a battle with the federal government. He joins us to explain how the latest tussle went down. Etienne also discusses the new reality in California now that Prop 64 has passed and how you can make your voice affect the change you wish to see.
Nov 17, 2016
Steph Sherer joins us to discuss the history of Americans For Safe Access. Going way back, Steph wasn’t a recreational proponent of cannabis, but came to the plant as medicine in SoCal. Following success with cannabis as medicine, Steph moved to NorCal and became an activist in the space ultimately launching americans for safe access culminating in ASA serving the federal government.  Steph takes us through how you can affect change on ballot initiatives if they passed but you don’t love the specific language in the initiatives. Roughly 66% of the work still needs to be done. But Jaime Lewis first joins us to give an update on what she’s got going on in both Colorado…and officially Massachusetts. 
Nov 14, 2016
David Bell, Professor of Marketing at Wharton sits down to discuss the basics of marketing from an extremely high-level. After discovering a bit of his background, we go through a number of industries with similarities to cannabis to discuss what can be learned from folks that have been through a few half lives. Professor Bell takes us through his best advice to cannabis companies new and experienced. But Kelsey Osborne first joins us to share her experience. Facing her seizing child, she provided her daughter with cannabis. As we’ve interviewed many parents like Heather Jackson from Realm of Caring and Paige Figi regarding Charlotte- this wouldn’t be a big deal- but it happened in Idaho. So Kelsey is now headed to court.
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