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Oct 10, 2016
With some interesting prognostications, Aaron Justis returns. He discusses what might just happen in cannabis as we move, albeit deliberately, towards legalization nationwide. His focus now though is on the city of Los Angeles as state wide regulations come in to existence. Aaron shares that the year of 2017 is when the work gets done in the city and the state. We move into a conversation around the similarities between cannabis and wine as well as cannabis and coffee…and the potential ultimate outcome of “cannabis as medicine."
Oct 6, 2016
Dr. Mark Ware, the Vice Chair of Canada’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation discusses the fact that adult-use cannabis legalization is a matter of how not if in Canada. Dr. Ware takes questions from the Lift Cannabis Expo audience which cover everything from the Endocannabinoid system to each of the potential distribution systems the task force is considering. But first Jeremy Jacob give us an on the ground account of the dispensary licensing happening as we speak in Vancouver and Victoria. The province of British Columbia and those aforementioned cities are behaving like geographies you know and love in the US. Jeremy also takes us through his new position as the head of Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. 
Oct 3, 2016

John Whiteman of Wana Brands joins us to discuss the Wana story. He takes us through his personal history and how he found himself in the cannabis space. John discusses the early days of the medical market in Colorado and the various products Wana tested before settling in on the current product assortment. The conversation happened a few weeks back and John brings up polling in Nevada…which works out well as Andrew Jolley of NV returns to give us an update on where we are with that ballot initiative as the opposition gets underway. 

Sep 29, 2016

Jesce Horton returns and gives us an update on his new venture Saints cannabis as well as the latest on the MCBA. We go back to episode 78 to get some personal history and  then Jesce and I find ourselves in Bryant Park in NYC having a straightforward conversation about race. We discuss the concept of “other” and what’s presented to all of us through the mass media. As we learn that cannabis is so much more than we initially conceived, we discover the fact that the cannabis industry by way of being marginalized by prohibition has the opportunity to lead the way regarding ratcheting down the concept of other by discovering similarities. An MCBA Spotlight episode.

Sep 26, 2016

Viv McPeak kicks us off by sharing the difference between Hempfest 25 and Hempfest 1 as well as all that goes in to producing the inimitable event. We then have a cavalcade of guests including acclaimed actor Eric Roberts, of the Emery’s Jodie Emery, of the Endocanabinoid system, Dr. Bob Melamede, state house candidate Stephanie Viscovvich, Chief Greenleaf  and THE Ed Rosenberg. We finish the episode by sitting down with John Davis who is name checked quite often when we speak of Washington state so it was great to get a chance to say hello and hear what’s on his mind at this moment in time.

Sep 22, 2016
Alex Cooley of Solstice returns to give us not only an update but a history of legislation and regulation around legal cannabis in Washington. We initially go back to Alex’ first visit in episode 56 to give you a sense of who he is- and then come back and dive into how we have what we have in Washington State. Alex goes back to the pre-2012 vote and explains what it was like on the ground providing medicine to patients. He then covers  i502 and the inherent differences between that initiative and amendment 64 in CO. The conversation turns to 5052 and finally what it’s like post July 1st 2016. 
Sep 19, 2016
Brian Smith from the Liquor & Cannabis Board in Washington State discusses the fact that the state is in fact regulating cannabis like alcohol.  We discuss the initial lottery and the ensuing HB 5052. Finally, Brian takes us through the post July 1, 2016 reality. Nevada native Andrew Jolley then joins us and discusses his family’s history in the state which harkens back further than most. He takes us through the overall economic picture and then dives in to the cannabis economy in Nevada.  Andrew lets us know about some of the qualifying conditions as well as how reciprocity is in fact working regarding out of state cards and recommendations.
Sep 15, 2016
With better news than expected, JP Holyoke, the executive chairman of the ballot initiative in Arizona takes us through what’s happening on our way to election day in the copper state. Jeremy Unruh of PharmaCannis operating in both Illinois and New York then shares an update from his perspective on each market. He discusses why his partners all of whom come from traditional industry’s are all in on the promise of the currently nascent programs. Our man in Arizona, JP Holyoak followed by Jeremy Unruh of the land of lincoln and empire state.
Sep 12, 2016
Ari Hoffnung joins us as our first guest operating in New York. He takes us through where the medical program is in regards to license holders, patients and physicians. He discusses his unique history and how his background became the foreground for his participation in legal cannabis in New York. But first Nial Demena of Manna Molecular joins us to take su through what’s happening in New England from an operators perspective. His reporting suggests that the polling in Massachusetts is simply way too close for comfort. Ari Hoffnung preceded by Nial DeMena
Sep 8, 2016
Of Giving Tree Dispensaries, Lilach Power gives us an on-the-ground account of the Arizona cannabis economy.  She shares how Giving Tree has grown along with the medical program and discusses future growth to that end. Lilach is kind enough to take us through her military service as she grew up in Israel and every Israeli citizen must serve. She’s brought her laid back Israeli approach to the Copper State.
But first, Oscar Velasco Schmitz has a lot to share about the state of affairs in the State Washington which is great as that’s precisely what we’ve asked him to do. He looks to put a silver lining around the news coming out of the  Evergreen State.
Oscar Velasco-Schmitz followed by Lilach Power.
Sep 5, 2016
Nurse Heather returns as she’s just launched Nature Nurse which truly focuses on plant medicine including but not limited to cannabis.  She even gives us a great Hippocrates quote, so stay tuned for that specifically and just enjoy Nurse Heather being Nurse Heather generally. Jamie Lowell then takes us through a history of legal cannabis in Michigan.  He discusses how the upstart program got going and the various hurdles it’s faced along the way and continue to face. Jamie does move around during the interview- so please bear with him. He also discusses the concept of conspiracy and conspiracy theory, so know that going in. But then again we haven’t spoken to too many folks in Michigan. Jamie Lowell preceded by Nurse Heather.
Sep 1, 2016
Two time Super Bowl champion Leonard Marshall joins us to discuss CTE, PTSD and cannabis as medicine. He talks about the disconnect of benefits for the “pre-98” retirees from the NFL and his current work with Brain Unity Trust. He talks about his work on the movie Concussion and that- in his words- “it didn’t need to get to this point." And then Ricky Williams joins us to discuss goal setting which he credits for how he won the Heisman Trophy and of course his unique relationship and thoughts on cannabis. We were shooting for Family, Business- documentary on the Williams Family running Medicine Man so he opens with the fact that there’s no relation and that the connection comes from mutual friend Liz Nichols.  Ricky Williams preceded by Leonard Marshall
Aug 29, 2016
Eben Britton, Charlie Adams, Nate JacksonRiley Cote, former NFL and NHL athletes join a roundtable discussion with Heather Jackson of Realm of Caring and Dr. Marcel Bon Miller of the University of Pennsylvania on pain management. We talk about how marijuana is currently used by pro athletes despite the medicine being banned by all professional leagues. The athletes share, to a person, that the stigma associated with cannabis is not so present in the locker room, as long as a teammate delivers. But first Amanda Reiman returns to share how the cannabis regulatory framework is shaping up in Oakland and to provide an update on Prop 64.
Aug 25, 2016
Terryn Niles Buxton of Oakland Extracts discusses his rich history in Northern California Cannabis.  We touch on philosophy, jazz and even race relations from a Generation X perspective. But first Neill Franklin returns.  Based on his 30+ years of policing service, he shares his thoughts on what can be done to bridge the current societal divide. We talk about the concept of one community and one race.
A MCBA Spotlight episode.
Aug 22, 2016
Giadha Aguirre deCarcer a very impressive person indeed takes us through her journey and how she stumbled upon the need for her organization. She takes us through her diverse european background and her journey from finance to homeland security to cannabis which includes her first person account of 9/11. But first, Alison Draisin from Ettalew’s Edibles takes us through some not so great news from Washington State. While we cover some tough subject matter- to paraphrase Giadha- Hey, you’re on a rollercoaster, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, so you might as well enjoy the ride.
Aug 18, 2016
If you got into the cannabis industry after 1970 you haven’t been in for as long as Keith Stroup the co-founder of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws- NORML.  46 years hence, Keith sits down to discuss the roots of marijuana as a symbol of the anti Vietnam war movement. But first, David Brown joins us to discuss the upcoming Lift Expo in Vancouver. Recorded before this years conventions we touch on the 68 and 72 conventions with some pretty impressive name dropping along the way. Keith Stroup preceded by David Brown. And if you're still reading, listen in to find out why Keith has to clarify that former US Secretary of State and VP Nominee “Ed Muskie never did a hallucinogen."
Aug 15, 2016
Recorded at the High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup, Danny Danko, High Times cultivation editor, is your virtual tour guide reviewing cannabis from the major cannabis economies. Along the way, we find out Danny spent his formative years in Russia before moving to the US at the hight of the cold war in the 80s. But first we talk specifically about Huboldt County cannabis with Steve Dillon who manages a network of farmers from the area. He delves into just how different dealing with regulations are for the County’s growers and how everyone’s getting used to the new reality.
Aug 11, 2016
Plant expert & Hash Church Host Marcus Richardson talks about his history which is inextricably linked with the history of legal cannabis in Canada.  He discusses early run-in’s with Jack Herer, Ron Hickey, Marc Emery He also talks about Hilary Black who you can find on Episode 150. Bubbleman takes us through Canadian licenses and licensing and the June Toronto raids from his perspective. But first Landon Long of Infusion Factory joins us to discuss literally coming out of the shadows and into the light in northern California cannabis. If you’re into direct communication, or would like to support the show, feel free to send me an email at  
Aug 8, 2016
No taxation without representation is a refrain familiar to anyone who’s been in a history class in the united states of america. Henry Wykowski joins us to discuss his representation of various cannabis businesses on taxation, in this case- 280e.
He takes us through his evolving interpretation of it’s language and discusses the meaning of a few significant cases, how they affect each other as well as the current reality of finance in running a cannabis business. But first, Jeannette Ward joins us to give us an update on the Minority Cannabis Business Association and what to expect from the group in August. Henry Wykowski preceded by Jeannette Ward
Aug 4, 2016
It’s been a while since we did a tour- so we’re giving you a double helping.  
This is a companion episode to Sparc CEO Robert Jacob in Episode 76 and LivWell CEO John Lord in Episode 151. As you well may know, Sparc is a storied dispensary in San Francisco and LivWell has a gargantuan operation in Colorado.  These are two great retailers each with distinct approaches to safe patient access in two of the top Cannabis Economies. So buckle in and enjoy the thousand mile journey in under an hour.
Aug 1, 2016
Tjalling Erkelens. The CEO of Bedrocan joins us and does an excellent job of giving us a history of the Netherland’s cannabis economy.  He shares how Bedrocan found, in his words,  what the cannabis plant was capable of by working with Holland’s federal government. He gets into expansion into Canada and subsequently other global markets.  But Jorge Cervantes first joins us to give us a 20 year background on the Cannabis Culture of Barcelona. Both guests on this episode are on the CannAwards advisory board. A digital interview with Tjalling Erkelens of Bedroan preceded by Jorge Cervantes.
Jul 28, 2016
We have the distinct pleasure of being joined by Sue Taylor a California state certified cannabis educator who recently secured a license for a dispensary in Berekely- ICANN Health Center.  We discuss gaining the license but also dive in on potential of cutting that fistful of pills seniors take to just a few. We also touch on race relations and the power of education. But David Dinenberg first joins us to talk about Microsoft.  Yes, he takes us through just how the Kind Financial Microsoft partnership occurred.  
Both interviews were done digitally so bear with us.
The MCBA July Spotlight Episode.
Jul 25, 2016
Ray Gracewood of Organigram, one of the licensed producers in the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations program in Canada. Then Peggy Moore of Love’s Oven out of CO. Ray takes us through what’s happening his company as well as the overall state of affairs in the MMPR. Peggy Moore then joins us to give us an update of sorts from CO as well as the background on her company. As you’ll hear, these interviews took place in May.  As this goes up, the main thing that’s changed is that the potency issue in CO has been postponed. Ray Gracewood then Peggy Moore, enjoy.
Jul 21, 2016
Eduardo Blasina of Symbiosis joins us to share what’s happening in Uruguay. In helping us understand the present, Eduardo shares the dynamic history of cannabis in his country and just how Uruguay became the first country on earth to legalize adult use at the federal level. But Matt Huron of Good Chemistry first joins us and discusses the roots of cannabis as medicine in the HIV/AIDS epidemic through caregiving for his father.
So Matt Huron’s up first and then Eduardo Blasina from Uruguay by Skype.
Jul 18, 2016
If you want policy, we’ve got policy- John Hudak from the 100 year old Brookings Institution joins us. John shares his thoughts on everything from the past and present overall global economy, rescheduling and Brexit- A note- this was recorded at the NCIA Summit, just prior to the Brexit vote and the June job numbers which were very good.
And for good measure, we throw in a yang to John’s yin with an introview with one of last years CannAwards winners, Remo.  First up is Remo and then John Hudak puts you wise, he a policy guy. 
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