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Dec 5, 2016
Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom discusses the vote and ensuing adult use program in the state. We review the now fully functional medical program including the concept of reciprocation and how that key principal might affect the global cannabis market. Tick also shares his thoughts the recent history of populism.
New York State Senator Diane Savino then joins us to provide a history of legal cannabis in New York. She shares how the medical program came to be, where we are now and where we’re going with the prospective changes to the program. She also shares how she and some of her colleagues have changed the way legislation happens in New York.
Dec 1, 2016
Ethan returns to discuss what the incoming Presidential administration can do regarding Drug Policy. And we also cover what you can do in the face of that prospective action from the incoming administration. We go on to cover his thoughts on the prospective AG, what action DPA has in store as well as what action you can take.  We finish with some advice, where rather than focus on opinion or analysis, Ethan suggests that you "know what you’re talking about." We kick off the show with a flashback to Episode 67 to give you a sense of some background on the person behind the policy.
Nov 28, 2016

Recorded on the Friday after election day, John Hudak returns for a far reaching conversation on policy and cannabis history. He first honestly and thoughtfully discusses polling and prognostication from this cycle showcasing all that was involved in the election outcome. We then dive into governance. We discover the concept of American civic duty going beyond simply voting. We realize the fact that the ultimate accountability of our elected officials rests in the hands of we the people. We run through the Nov. 8th cannabis wins and the meaning of those wins. And we finish by discussing Marijuana: A Short History, John’s book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Brookings Press Website.

Nov 24, 2016
Congresswoman Barbara Lee joins us to discuss her thoughts on Prop 64 passing as well as and more importantly what folks can do now to affect the change which they seek on the proposition as it gets written into law. We broaden the conversation to cover how she deals with phone calls and action from her constituents. And finally we cover representative lee’s thoughts on the recent overt uncovering of racial communication as well as the subtle institutional and structural racism which has always been present. Corey Barnette then joins us to paint a clearer picture of the DC legal cannabis market. Did you know for instance that there were no restrictions on qualifying conditions in DC?
Nov 21, 2016
Is you’re favorite strain actually you’re favorite strain? Mowgli Holmes is on a quest to find out. If you ask him if he’s mapping the cannabis genome, he’ll say yes- but it’s much more than that, he’s mapping thousands of genomes and trying to understand how they’re related to each other. Mowgli's interested in realizing not only what the plant does to the people but what people have done to the plant. But first, per his forearm tattoo, cannabis warrior Etienne Fontan is fresh of a win in a battle with the federal government. He joins us to explain how the latest tussle went down. Etienne also discusses the new reality in California now that Prop 64 has passed and how you can make your voice affect the change you wish to see.
Nov 17, 2016
Steph Sherer joins us to discuss the history of Americans For Safe Access. Going way back, Steph wasn’t a recreational proponent of cannabis, but came to the plant as medicine in SoCal. Following success with cannabis as medicine, Steph moved to NorCal and became an activist in the space ultimately launching americans for safe access culminating in ASA serving the federal government.  Steph takes us through how you can affect change on ballot initiatives if they passed but you don’t love the specific language in the initiatives. Roughly 66% of the work still needs to be done. But Jaime Lewis first joins us to give an update on what she’s got going on in both Colorado…and officially Massachusetts. 
Nov 14, 2016
David Bell, Professor of Marketing at Wharton sits down to discuss the basics of marketing from an extremely high-level. After discovering a bit of his background, we go through a number of industries with similarities to cannabis to discuss what can be learned from folks that have been through a few half lives. Professor Bell takes us through his best advice to cannabis companies new and experienced. But Kelsey Osborne first joins us to share her experience. Facing her seizing child, she provided her daughter with cannabis. As we’ve interviewed many parents like Heather Jackson from Realm of Caring and Paige Figi regarding Charlotte- this wouldn’t be a big deal- but it happened in Idaho. So Kelsey is now headed to court.
Nov 10, 2016
We present an indubitable cornucopia of view points from  the Lift Expo Recap. We’ve been loading up with pre US election run-up so this has certainly been an episode in waiting. David Brown first joins us an an introduction. Hugo Alves then joins us and discusses his point of view of cannabis in Canada from his legal perspective. His thought, and the thought that emanates generally from our neighbors to the north is that federal recreational use cannabis will be on the books in early 2018. We round out the conversation with Hugo discussing what constitutionality means in Canada- and what to expect from the interaction of federal and provincial law as it relates to retail. Jodie Emery then closes with her perspectives on where the industry is and where it’s going.
Nov 7, 2016

As this episode goes up, tomorrow is election day. We figured there’s no better person to sum up what’s about to happen regarding cannabis ballot initiatives than THE Steve Fox. We begin with a little personal history from way back in episode 34 and then dive in to Steve’s take on how this year is different than 2012. The interview was recorded October 17th- it preceded Sheldon Adelson’s investment in Arizona and Nevada- so we discuss the timing of the investment coming less than a month before election day. We wonder aloud about the effectiveness of this late investment. Steve gives us his take on how it’s gonna go and why and how he uses the word marijuana vs. cannabis…and just what’s on the docket for him moving into 2017.

Nov 3, 2016
John Hudak returns to give us a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect from election day 2016. This episode goes up 5 days prior to Nov. 8th so we discuss House, Senate and Gubernatorial races as well as the  outlook in North Carolina, Montana, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona specifically to name a few. We don’t discuss John’s book “Marijuana, A Short History” available at Brookings, Amazon and Barnes & Noble now, but stay tuned, we will next time. But for this time, we begin with a piece of John’s first interview in episode 163 this summer on de vs. rescheduling to showcase his power of prognostication…and intellect. 
Oct 31, 2016
Michael Bowman joins us to discuss hemp. We discuss a little history going back to our founding farmers. And we have THE conversation about the plant’s non-recreational offerings of food, fiber, fuel and "f"arma to name a few. Michael discusses the fact that he’s a farmer by birth so he understands just how this crop could help the farmers of America. And we discuss just what hemp’s role could be in the greater american economy and society if we in fact let it save the world. But Bethany Moore our friend from the NCIA first joins us to discuss her two new books of poetry. She certainly covers the base issues of humanity. And as you’ll learn she’s an appropriate guest for an episode that goes up on Halloween.
Oct 27, 2016
Betty Aldworth returns to give us an update on what SSDP is up to leading up to election day. She’s doing her best to ensure that the youngest voting demographic registers to vote and does in fact vote in this ridiculous, inane, disgusting yet remarkably important election. Marvin Washington discusses what good coaching or leadership means and then dive into his involvement in cannabis. He’s interested in ensuring that he doesn’t get pigeonholed simply as a former NFL player- he’s wants to understand and communicate what the whole plant can do for the masses. We finish by Marvin discussing how the cannabis movement can help the current societal racial unrest and ensure that all of society has the opportunity to be involved.
Oct 24, 2016
Michael Bronstien of the American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp joins us to discuss his background in politics which includes a White House internship turning into full time eploy as well as working for Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of England. He shares his views from the inside of electoral politics albeit at a low level at the time and how that informed his work now with ATACH. We first speak with Will and Jim of the Yes on 4 campaign in Massachusetts. Will and Jim share how it’s set up, where the money goes and how it plays or doesn’t with the current medical initiative. 
Oct 20, 2016
Barbara Blazer, mother of Debby Goldsberry and RN at Magnolia joins us to discuss her philosophy on cannabis. She shares her very first experience with cannabis and what exactly she’s doing now to educate fellow boomers. Programming note- we do a quick change after Barbara and we’re in the main room at Magnolia so it’s active around us. Following her mother, Debby Goldsberry then brings us through her journey which of course includes the early days of cannabis legalization advocacy. Debby shares how Barbara, civics class and redirect helped lead her to the being on the road with Jack Herer among other familiar notables. And Debby reminds us that after election day is when the actual work begins on legislation passed.
Oct 17, 2016
Amanda Reiman returns to give us an update on Prop 64. She takes us through the actual legislation, where the money goes as well as where polling is as we speak. We wanted to get this out as soon as possible so while the content is current the sound quality is less than ideal. Then Congressman Jared Polis joins us to give us an overview cannabis in Colorado. The congressman takes us through what’s working in Colorado as well as what’s working in congress. He does have a fairly bullish outlook on what’s possible which I guess is what comes with the territory as a politician. He’s a busy man so we didn’t have a ton of time but there’s a lot packed in to the conversation we had.
Oct 13, 2016
Joe Brezny of Nevada Question 2 joins us to discuss the initiative. He outlines how the current medical program is going and how that affects the coming potential adult use legislation. Joe shares the current polling numbers and the fact that it’s a little too close for comfort as we speak. THE Wanda James then joins us and shares her unique background. We thank her for her Naval intelligence service for our country…and then dive into her thoughts on why oh so many folks in the space have served our country. She shares her work in politics with the likes of Jared Polis and Barack Obama and how that all led to her her current place in cannabis. 
Oct 10, 2016
With some interesting prognostications, Aaron Justis returns. He discusses what might just happen in cannabis as we move, albeit deliberately, towards legalization nationwide. His focus now though is on the city of Los Angeles as state wide regulations come in to existence. Aaron shares that the year of 2017 is when the work gets done in the city and the state. We move into a conversation around the similarities between cannabis and wine as well as cannabis and coffee…and the potential ultimate outcome of “cannabis as medicine."
Oct 6, 2016
Dr. Mark Ware, the Vice Chair of Canada’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation discusses the fact that adult-use cannabis legalization is a matter of how not if in Canada. Dr. Ware takes questions from the Lift Cannabis Expo audience which cover everything from the Endocannabinoid system to each of the potential distribution systems the task force is considering. But first Jeremy Jacob give us an on the ground account of the dispensary licensing happening as we speak in Vancouver and Victoria. The province of British Columbia and those aforementioned cities are behaving like geographies you know and love in the US. Jeremy also takes us through his new position as the head of Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. 
Oct 3, 2016

John Whiteman of Wana Brands joins us to discuss the Wana story. He takes us through his personal history and how he found himself in the cannabis space. John discusses the early days of the medical market in Colorado and the various products Wana tested before settling in on the current product assortment. The conversation happened a few weeks back and John brings up polling in Nevada…which works out well as Andrew Jolley of NV returns to give us an update on where we are with that ballot initiative as the opposition gets underway. 

Sep 29, 2016

Jesce Horton returns and gives us an update on his new venture Saints cannabis as well as the latest on the MCBA. We go back to episode 78 to get some personal history and  then Jesce and I find ourselves in Bryant Park in NYC having a straightforward conversation about race. We discuss the concept of “other” and what’s presented to all of us through the mass media. As we learn that cannabis is so much more than we initially conceived, we discover the fact that the cannabis industry by way of being marginalized by prohibition has the opportunity to lead the way regarding ratcheting down the concept of other by discovering similarities. An MCBA Spotlight episode.

Sep 26, 2016

Viv McPeak kicks us off by sharing the difference between Hempfest 25 and Hempfest 1 as well as all that goes in to producing the inimitable event. We then have a cavalcade of guests including acclaimed actor Eric Roberts, of the Emery’s Jodie Emery, of the Endocanabinoid system, Dr. Bob Melamede, state house candidate Stephanie Viscovvich, Chief Greenleaf  and THE Ed Rosenberg. We finish the episode by sitting down with John Davis who is name checked quite often when we speak of Washington state so it was great to get a chance to say hello and hear what’s on his mind at this moment in time.

Sep 22, 2016
Alex Cooley of Solstice returns to give us not only an update but a history of legislation and regulation around legal cannabis in Washington. We initially go back to Alex’ first visit in episode 56 to give you a sense of who he is- and then come back and dive into how we have what we have in Washington State. Alex goes back to the pre-2012 vote and explains what it was like on the ground providing medicine to patients. He then covers  i502 and the inherent differences between that initiative and amendment 64 in CO. The conversation turns to 5052 and finally what it’s like post July 1st 2016. 
Sep 19, 2016
Brian Smith from the Liquor & Cannabis Board in Washington State discusses the fact that the state is in fact regulating cannabis like alcohol.  We discuss the initial lottery and the ensuing HB 5052. Finally, Brian takes us through the post July 1, 2016 reality. Nevada native Andrew Jolley then joins us and discusses his family’s history in the state which harkens back further than most. He takes us through the overall economic picture and then dives in to the cannabis economy in Nevada.  Andrew lets us know about some of the qualifying conditions as well as how reciprocity is in fact working regarding out of state cards and recommendations.
Sep 15, 2016
With better news than expected, JP Holyoke, the executive chairman of the ballot initiative in Arizona takes us through what’s happening on our way to election day in the copper state. Jeremy Unruh of PharmaCannis operating in both Illinois and New York then shares an update from his perspective on each market. He discusses why his partners all of whom come from traditional industry’s are all in on the promise of the currently nascent programs. Our man in Arizona, JP Holyoak followed by Jeremy Unruh of the land of lincoln and empire state.
Sep 12, 2016
Ari Hoffnung joins us as our first guest operating in New York. He takes us through where the medical program is in regards to license holders, patients and physicians. He discusses his unique history and how his background became the foreground for his participation in legal cannabis in New York. But first Nial Demena of Manna Molecular joins us to take su through what’s happening in New England from an operators perspective. His reporting suggests that the polling in Massachusetts is simply way too close for comfort. Ari Hoffnung preceded by Nial DeMena
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